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            The National service scheme (NSS) is a programme organized by the Ministry of Education and Youth Service of the Government of India to offer opportunities and training in service to the community and the nation for students with an aptitude. It is intended to involve the students in a variety of social service and developmental activities with the normal academic programme. The motto of the scheme is Education Through Community Service”.

Mr. A. Md. Shahinsha, HOD, Mechanical Department is our NSS Program Officer.

The NSS aims to develop in its volunteers:

A spirit of selfless service to our people in distress, poverty, and ignorance, irrespective of region, language, religion and case.

A capacity to identify and study community problems, to plan and carry out welfare projects as a team.

A willingness to share the benefit of model higher education with our people who did not get this benefit.

A dignity for manual work and respect and concern for our rural masses.

Living faith in the unity of India and our great National heritage.